Public Relations Professional Alison McMillon Named Dallas Market Lead at Weber Shandwick

April 2, 2024
Alison McMillon

Baylor journalism alumna Alison McMillon (‘00) has been named the Dallas Market Lead at Weber Shandwick, a global, earned-first strategic communication and consulting agency.

As Dallas Market Lead, McMillon amplifies opportunity for clients and staff. Her role shapes agency growth in areas centered around Weber Shandwick’s people, accounts and the office to pursue excellence in education, professionalism and success in a positive, graceful work climate.

“A lot of my role is focused on growth,” McMillon said. “I oversee the investment in growth of our people in the Dallas office and throughout our network to make sure they are setup for success and able to deliver to clients with excellence, getting professional development and encouragement to realize their potential.”

Originally an Interior Design major as an undergraduate, McMillon soon discovered her love for journalism after completing Introduction to Mass Communication, her first journalism course. Shortly after graduating with her bachelor’s in public relations, McMillon began her PR career as Account Coordinator for Springbok Cohn & Wolfe, a former PR firm in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex that focused on technology, global branding, marketing and PR.

A new leadership role has elevated McMillon to foster client culture and manage substantial networks. As a 20-year professional at Weber Shandwick, McMillon leads the cultivation of a celebratory home for clients and colleagues’ internal and external achievements in service.

McMillon has always valued the philosophy of servant leadership in the workplace. From day one, servant leadership shaped her work ethic and relationships in the industry.

“I’ve always aspired to be a servant leader,” McMillon said. “I think that’s something that can be done at any level. The values, work ethic, how you treat people the way you wanted to be treated, the model you want to set- you don’t have to achieve a certain level to practice that. I think I’ve always had that ethos to be a servant leader.”

For McMillon, agency life continuously unlocks various opportunities for accomplishments and development of extensive networks. Throughout her career at Weber Shandwick, McMillon has served in nine different capacities, including Senior Vice President, Executive VP and Deputy General Manager.

McMillon’s leadership in service extends outside of Weber Shandwick as well. Baylor journalism professor Dr. Marlene Neill says that McMillon’s long-term investment in the department and at Weber Shandwick is an outstanding feat. 

“Alison has been a friend of our department and a supportive alumna for quite some time,” Dr. Neill said. “She is patient. She spent a lot of time at the same agency and has earned the respect of her team. There is something to be said for longevity and for growing in the same organization.”

McMillon says that the Baylor network was a critical tool that helped her land her first job at a PR agency and encourages all Baylor students to utilize the same resources to help them achieve success.

“I got my first job through a Baylor alum,” McMillon said. “That connection ultimately led me to Weber Shandwick. I’ve had multiple Baylor relationships that helped open doors for me in my career. That is something I recommend to students; do lots of networking. I find that people love to help people that are early in their career find those critical connections. In a career of PR, relationships matter.”

At the Dallas office, McMillon provides client services in public relations and consulting for major Texas brands. Weber Shandwick has earned many prestigious designations, including being named Global Agency of The Year at the 2023 Global SABRE Awards and received more than 50 wins at five of the most prestigious award programs in the PR and communication industries.

The focus of Weber Shandwick webs talented individuals with a collective purpose. The Weber Shandwick Collective (TWSC) is a consulting and strategic communications network consisting of gifted individuals skilled in marketing, communication, consulting, and creatives. With more than 61 international offices, the TWSC values curiosity, inclusion, courage and impact in every professional endeavor.

“What I love about Weber Shandwick is that I am surrounded by so many people that are so smart and talented,” McMillon said. “They are very generous with their time and talent. I am able to bring the full network to bear. We have so much rich expertise in niche areas. Continuing to bring that expertise to bear with my clients and value that way is gratifying.”

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