Baylor JPR&NM Hosts LEAD in Campus Visit

November 1, 2023
LEAD Visit

This fall, Leadership, Education and Development (LEAD) participants visited Baylor Journalism, Public Relations & New Media to learn more about job opportunities in the media industry.

LEAD, sponsored by the Greater Waco Chamber, encourages students to graduate and to pursue higher education.

Rachel Martinez, director of leadership development for the Greater Waco Chamber, said many LEAD students are first generation high school graduates whose success in LEAD impacts them personally and changes their employment trajectory for years to come.

“LEAD strives to motivate students to graduate from high school and to pursue higher education which, in turn, ensures greater employability and an improved quality of life,” Martinez said. “Visiting the Baylor journalism was wonderful for the LEAD students to see all of the opportunities within one department and to learn about the numerous careers available for them with a degree in journalism.”

LEAD pairs high school students from participating schools with business leaders to foster relationships that expose them to various business fields.

Baylor JPR&NM is collaborating with various schools and youth groups in the community to offer campus tours of the department, said Baylor Journalism, Public Relations & New Media Professor and Chair Mia Moody-Ramirez, Ph.D.

“We encourage students from the community to consider coming to Baylor,” she said. “Many local students consider Baylor off-limits, but that is simply not true. There are scholarships and programs in place to help all students succeed.”